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Get Good Samaritan: Unto Dust #1 for FREE

Boston, Massachusetts - 1965: Father Bill Sullivan is a Roman Catholic priest with a secret – he wields awesome energies that he believes are given him by God. The "Power of the Holy Spirit" manifests around him as nebulous tentacles of purple and gold energy and smoke. It allows "Good Samaritan" – as he calls himself – to hover, grab criminals and restrain them, subject thugs to the experience of their own crimes in his "Confessional", and occasionally render ultimate judgment by turning perps into dust as he proclaims, "Remember Man that thou art DUST and unto dust thou shall return!"

A new menace is tangling with Good Samaritan, a creature preying on children, a molester with delusions of being a vampire. And "normal" life is presenting its own problems, as Ernesto Cabral, the new Cardinal of the Archdiocese, apparently has it in for Father Sullivan! He hassles Sullivan after Father Bill helps a young, unwed mother-to-be. The Cardinal might ruin his career... but the creature could take his life!

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