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Alibi Jones



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ALIBI JONES' search for a kidnapped friend gets him thrown in an alien prison cell with the mysteriousDakhur named Kit and the man known as Piccolo. As Alibi follows the alien kidnappers' trail, he discovers dangers long thought dead are still very much alive! It's 2135 and Alibi Jones is a mediator for the Solar Alliance. He's also the son of BC - The Vatican Assassin!!

Alibi Jones and The Sunrise of Hur



Mediator for the Solar Alliance Alibi Jones searches for a stolen Dakhur artifact, a golden tiara with a blood red gem – The Sunrise of Hur – a cultural treasure, property and pride of the Dakhur race. But Alibi isn't even supposed to land on the planet he most wants to investigate –Kismet, home of the crime lord Rene Laveillur, who's claimed Alibi's on-and-off girlfriend Katerina Ramsey as his own property.


Alibi's been warned – if he lands on Kismet, he's a dead man!!

Alibi Jones and The
Time War of The Devrizium



A race of time travelers seems to want Alibi Jones' time to come to an end in this connected Cycle of Short Stories. Alibi Jones and The Time War of The Devrizium tells some of the same stories you'll find in Alibi Jones' comic books. This anthology of the comic book scripts' prose audio adaptations gives Alibi's fans who might not read comic books a chance to also experience these adventures with the xenophobic, time traveling race known as The Devrizium!

Alibi Jones and the Hornet's Nest



"Don't let me die - again!" As Alibi Jones and his covert ops team investigate an ancient alien derelict on the fringes of human space some call a "Ghost Ship", the dead fiancé of a crew member appears on their Cruiser's bridge. Ghost? Projection? He pleads, "Don't let me die - again!" Alibi Jones was a Mediator for the Solar Alliance Interplanetary Force in the 2130's - but that's all changing. He's made an example of after news gets out Alibi's partly responsible for the destruction of pleasure planet Kismet. Bounced out of the Mediation Corps, Alibi's reassigned to Covert Ops. His cover: running cargo from a new remote base - The Hornet's Nest. Alibi Jones gets to know his new crew as they get a handle on running small cargoes and cover operations: Gluttonous planetary crime lords, alien parasites and symbiotes, psychics and scientists, galactic Godfathers, friendly free traders, astral travel - all dangerous. But when they check out the so-called "ghost ship", people do start dying. Again.

The Adventures of Alibi Jones Omnibus One



Four Books Under One Cover! Get into the Adventures of Alibi Jones all at once with the original novel ALIBI JONES, the second, ALIBI JONES AND THE SUNRISE OF HUR, the short stories in ALIBI JONES AND THE TIME WAR OF THE DEVRIZIUM and the latest novel ALIBI JONES AND THE HORNET'S NEST!


In the first book we meet ALIBI JONES - mediator for the Solar Alliance - searching for a kidnapped friend with the help of the mysterious alien Dakhur, Kit. In ALIBI JONES AND THE SUNRISE OF HUR he's on the hunt for a stolen alien artifact, a golden tiara with a blood red gem – The Sunrise of Hur. The short stories in ALIBI JONES AND THE TIME WAR OF THE DEVRIZIUM tell the tale of how a race of time travelers want Alibi Jones' time to come to an end! And in the latest novel ALIBI JONES AND THE HORNET'S NEST, Alibi is bounced out of his career in the Mediation Corps and reassigned to Covert Ops. Read Alibi Jones' prose adventures written and published by Mike Luoma from 2009 through 2015 in this one massive collection!


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