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Alibi Jones - Time Travel - and the Vatican Assassin?

Brand-New Issue Features the stand-alone short story Alibi Jones: Christmas Present

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In Alibi Jones: Christmas PresentAlibi Jones accidentally travels back in time to when his father BC was a young hitman for the Vatican on an early mission... Will Alibi screw up BC's current assassination assignment? Will BC kill him instead? Can Alibi Jones survive and get back to his own time? In time for Christmas? And how about that Christmas Tree his Aunt Anita asked for? A time-travelling tale with holiday overtones, with appearances from Alibi's closest family and old family friend Krish! As for the title? A Present can be a gift. One can be Present. And live in the Present. The story explores all these permutations... presently.


Artist KASEY BOUCHARD illustrates the pages set in Alibi's Present. For the pages that take place in Alibi's Past - in the time of BC, the Vatican Assassin - the art team from VATICAN ASSASSIN: The Graphic Novel return - CRISTIAN NAVARRO on pencils & inks and JUAN CARLOS QUATTORDIO on colors! Having them back together to tell the part of the tale that takes place in that era, with BC, is pretty special. There's also a beautiful portrait of a Dakhur by award-winning Canadian illustrator ERIC ORCHARD. And an Alibi Jones pin-up by artist FEDERICO GUILLEN. Cover art by BLAIR D. SHEDD.


The Adventures of Alibi Jones #3  features Writing, Lettering, Editing & Production by MIKE LUOMA.

Watch Mike Open the Proof Copies

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