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Happy Valentines Day 2020!

I'd Like to Give You an eBook for Free...

I love my readers and listeners! As a token of my ardor, I'm giving away a massive eTome for FREE!

Yes, I said eTOME - this is an OMNIBUS - The Adventures of ALIBI JONES Omnibus One!

3 Novels & 1 Short Story Cycle under one cover - you get the original novel ALIBI JONES, the second - ALIBI JONES & The SUNRISE of HUR - the ALIBI JONES & the TIME WAR of THE DEVRIZIUM short story collection, and the third novel - ALIBI JONES and the HORNET'S NEST. It's available Free in all eBook formats through the site Offer Expires 2-15-2020.


In the first book we meet ALIBI JONES - mediator for the Solar Alliance - searching for a kidnapped friend with the help of the mysterious alien Dakhur, Kit. In ALIBI JONES AND THE SUNRISE OF HUR he's on the hunt for a stolen alien artifact, a golden tiara with a blood red gem – The Sunrise of Hur. The short stories in ALIBI JONES AND THE TIME WAR OF THE DEVRIZIUM tell the tale of how a race of time travelers want Alibi Jones' time to come to an end! And in the third novel ALIBI JONES AND THE HORNET'S NEST, Alibi is bounced out of his career in the Mediation Corps and reassigned to Covert Ops. Read Alibi Jones' prose adventures written and published by Mike Luoma from 2009 through 2015 in this one massive collection!

The Coupon Code - YK54E - is there on the page. Just click the yellow Buy with coupon Button.

ALSO AVAILABLE: The ADVENTURES of ALIBI JONES: SIX SHORT STORIES. Prose adaptations of the illustrated tales found in The Adventures of Alibi Jones Comic Books - issues 1 through 3 - which are available at comiXology and other fine online stores.

Pre-Order the NEW ALIBI JONES Book Now!

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