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Mike is Now Reading the  Work-in-Progress Draft of his new novel ALIBI JONES and the STAR SEEDS of EARTH.

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Mike Narrates the Audiobook for SPEED

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Artificial Intelligence... The Internet of Things... The Cloud... Blockchain... The 4th Industrial Revolution? Beyond the buzzwords - how is technology changing business, culture, and our lives? This isn't science fiction - this is happening right now. Aleksander Poniewierski's brilliant new book SPEED: No Limits in the Digital Era painlessly guides us into our new age of interconnectivity, making it easy to understand just how fast things are changing, and where we're headed...

I've narrated the Audiobook for SPEED, and enjoyed reading the well-written book aloud. Alex  entertains as he instructs, his authorial voice consistently mindful of keeping the attention of his reading/listening audience, even while relating occasionally dry information. It was a pleasure to embody that voice for the Audiobook! Please check out the Audiobook for SPEED, narrated by yours truly - Mike Luoma - available on AudibleAMAZON, and iTUNES.

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Hear Mike Narrate THE RHINE by R.L. Dean!

Listen to the audiobook narrated by Mike Luoma - THE RHINE (Harmony: Book 1) - Science Fiction in the not-too-distant future written by R.L. Dean! This is good stuff, folks - a lot of fun to read! And hopefully fun for you to listen to as well. 

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Gerhard Shultz, the first elected governor of Mars, wants what’s best for his people....

The colony depends on Earth businesses for goods, but Earth is run by an imperialistic United Nations whose regulations and sanctions are overbearing. Increasing tensions are only exacerbated by suspicious pirate attacks in the Belt. It is rumored the attacks are the work of the Free Mars Now grassroots movement or privateers paid by the Martian government in defiance of the UN. 


Recent victims of a pirate attack, Mat and his crew aboard the Sadie, discover evidence that could prove the rumors true. With the UN squeezing the colony for every dime they can get and Schultz looking to better the Martian situation, there are deals to be made. No one knows that better than Apex Mining’s CEO, Alexandria Reinhardt, whose Board of Directors has ordered her to sell their ore to the Martians despite a UN embargo. Her plans are more ambitious than simply ignoring government decrees, however... 

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